From the Ground Up

It all starts here. All of the dark Russet potatoes we use are grown at the family farm just down the road from our factory. 


Get 'em clean

When the potatoes arrive at our plant they are washed and scrubbed before getting sliced and cooked. 


Time to Get Crispy

55 pounds of potatoes are cut with 8 razor sharp blades in approximately 35 seconds and dumped into the kettle where they cook for just over 5 minutes to produce the optimal crispy texture.


Spin that Oil Out

The cooked chips are spun in the oil centrifuge (like a large salad spinner) to help remove excess oil.


Inspection Time

Any chips that are less than perfect are removed to ensure that only top quality product is packaged.


Tumbling in the Taste

The tumbler rotates the chips to ensure each one receives an even coating of our mouth-watering seasoning. 


It's in the Bag

The chips are weighed, dropped through a metal detector and securely sealed in the bag.


Packing Them Up

The finished product is placed in boxes and shipped all throughout Canada, parts of the US and several other countries around the world.


Best part...EATING

You and your friends get to enjoy our delicious, certified Gluten Free, All Natural and kosher kettle cooked chips!